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  • Chinese Medicine & Stroke Recovery

    September, 24th 2015

    While I was studying Chinese medicine at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM), I had the privilege of studying under Daniel Altschuler, L.Ac., Ph.D. Daniel studied Chinese medicine in the traditional way, he spent 15 years apprenticing with a master practitioner in Taiwan, Dr. Lee Chen-Yr. While his area of expertise is in adjunct cancer care and herbal treatment of autoimmune disease, he has quite a bit of experience working with neurological conditions as well.

    Below is a link to a fascinating podcast episode in which Daniel discusses the many ways Chinese medicine can help with stroke recovery and rehabilitation. Listen in as he talks about the importance of early rehabilitative movement therapy, acupuncture and herbal treatments for stroke victims.

    Everyday Acupuncture: Treating Stroke with Acupuncture

    And remember, if you or someone you know has had a stroke, acupuncture and Chinese medicine are powerful tools for regaining functional control of your body. Feel free to call All and One Acupuncture & Wellness for a free consultation for you or a loved one today.

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  • Discover How Meditation Can Affect Your Brain

    September, 17th 2015

    Meditation is something I’ve been intrigued by for a while. I’ve heard about how it could reduce stress, lower anxiety, and overall just increase my quality of life. I’ve tried getting into a rhythm of being regular with it, but I never lasted longer than a couple of days. Fortunately, all of that changed when I visited my friend Eric in Minneapolis this summer.

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  • Rolfing, Structural Integration Explained

    August, 27th 2015

    We’ve been getting lots of questions about Rolfing, Structural Integration and what it exactly is. Tim Oxendahl, All and One’s Certified Rolfer took a few minutes to make this video that explains a little bit about what Rolfing entails!

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  • About Pediatric Acupuncture: How acupuncture can help your kids

    August, 26th 2015

    Pediatric acupuncture is a gentle, safe, and effective treatment for children of all ages. Exposing children to acupuncture can encourage and support healthy behaviors from a young age—healthy behaviors that can last through adulthood. Young people often don’t have much control when it comes to their medical care. But an acupuncture appointment is different. I collaborate with the child so that they play an active role in the treatment, and they leave feeling positive and empowered in their health.

    I use exceptionally gentle techniques with kids—I have never made anyone cry!—and I have lots of tools for helping kids overcome their fear of needles. I can proudly and confidently claim that every child I have worked with has enjoyed the experience of getting acupuncture. And children tend to respond with acupuncture much faster than grownups; I have always thought this is because children are more flexible, whereas adults tend to be stuck in our ways.

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  • Postpartum Care for the New Mother

    August, 25th 2015

    You worked so hard to have the baby. Now your bundle of joy is finally here and you realize that the real work has just begun! As a recent mother, I understand the challenges of the immediate postpartum period, and I am happy to say that acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal medicine can be of great assistance in restoring your health and vitality while supporting the hard work of caring for a newborn infant.

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  • Maximizing Your Workout Routine

    August, 13th 2015

    Do you work hard to take care of your body only to find that you don’t quite have the energy you’d like? Despite all your efforts to stay in great physical condition, do you find that you suffer from any of the following?

    • Sore low back, knees or joints
    • Erectile dysfunction or low libido
    • Prostate or urinary issues
    • Premature graying or balding
    • High stress levels
    • Low energy
    • Variable appetite
    • Digestive issues
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  • The Importance of Healthy Sitting Habits

    August, 6th 2015

    Sitting is something that all of us do every day. Students, professions, and even vocations that require a lot of standing and movement sit for many hours every week. As a Rolfer I’ve seen firsthand the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle and have had the opportunity to work with numerous clients suffering from chronic pain related to sitting at a desk.  For this month’s blog, I’ve decided to offer some thoughts on this subject as well as some tips for dealing with the demands of the modern workplace.

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  • All and One’s Favorite Vacation Spots in Oregon

    June, 23rd 2015


    Boynn McIntire, LAc

    My favorite spot in Oregon is the small residential community of Cape Meares to the north of the lighthouse (link: Cape Meares is a short drive west of Tillamook, below the vertiginous cliffs of the southern aspect of the cape. The community is off the beaten track—one does not casually pass through it–and has no commerce presence, so you need to bring your own supplies or go into Tillamook for sundries. Cell service is spotty at best. And while the crescent shaped narrow beach can be impassable at high tide, at lower tides I can skirt the driftwood and seaweed for hours with my dog and maybe encounter a lone surfer or a few other beachcombers in the distance.  In fact, there isn’t much to do here except walk, watch the surf, play games, cook food, sleep and spend time with loved ones; that is precisely why Cape Meares is a regular retreat for my family.

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  • Acupressure for relieving Travel Pain and Sinus Pressure

    June, 18th 2015

    When traveling, do you find yourself with a pounding headache or a super stiff neck? Perhaps some annoying sinus pressure during flights and excessive ear popping? Most of us have heard of pressure point bracelets for stimulating the anti-nausea point on the wrist, but acupressure can also help with aches and pains associated with travel. This routine was developed when I was en route to Thailand on a particularly cramped flight, but it can apply equally well on long car rides or at conferences.

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  • All and One’s Top Skin Care Picks

    May, 26th 2015

    We are obsessed with skin care at All and One. From providing facial rejuvenation acupuncture by the oh-so-talented Boynn McIntire, LAc, and Xander Kahn, LAc specializing in Acupuncture in Dermatological cases to giving you our personal recommendations for fellow skin care and health practitioners and tips and tools! We’ve compiled a short list of our favorite tools and products we use at the clinic and in our home.

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