Boynn McIntire, LAc, MAcOM is a Portland acupuncturist who brings a passion for the highest-quality, results-oriented Chinese medicine to your healthcare. 

Boynn (pronounced “Bowen”) first experienced acupuncture when she was 19 years old and suffering from severe neck and back pain. Although she was terrified of needles, she discovered on her first visit that acupuncture was gentle and she left that first treatment relaxed and completely pain free.

After earning a BA in Biology from Reed College and undergoing Yoga Teacher Training from Diane Wilson Yoga, Boynn felt personally unfulfilled in a finance career. Boynn wanted to use her background in science and understanding of the body to help people realize a greater level of health. Today, Boynn helps put her patients in touch with their bodies, empowering them to develop a deeper awareness of their own health.

Boynn earned her Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 2010 from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, one of the nation’s top acupuncture schools. She enjoys bridging the gap between Chinese and Western medicine, analyzing symptoms and health issues through two lenses to synthesize cohesive treatment strategies that include the best wisdom of both medical theories.

Boynn lives in the Montavilla neighborhood with her beloved husband, cat, and dog. She enjoys yoga, climbing, teaching and practicing meditation, reading, and extra dark chocolate.