Dana Lockhart, ND, LAc

Dr. Dana Lockhart, ND, LAc, MSOM is a naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist. She is passionate about facilitating each person’s innate ability to heal through blending principles of naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and counseling. Dana uses acupuncture and sometimes herbal formulas to address the root cause of illness. Dana also uses holistic counseling to address physical conditions through the mind-emotion-body connection.

Dana’s journey in healthcare started in massage therapy, where she felt a deep satisfaction in therapeutically decreasing pain and mitigating stress. As she helped people feel better, Dana envisioned deeper methodologies by which she could elevate people’s health.

Dana fell in love with the concepts of naturopathic medicine: treating the whole person instead of just addressing the symptoms. In her second year of naturopathic medical school at the National University of Natural Medicine, she had a health episode which led her to seek acupuncture for pain relief as conventional medicine didn’t offer much except medications. She had immediate relief and asked herself a pivotal question, “How can I not offer this to my future patients?” A few weeks later, Dana matriculated into the Master of Science of Oriental Medicine at NUNM. In her own healing journey, she has most resonated with treating the underlying cause of disease. 

Dana is currently completing a Holistic Counseling program; she will be certified in October 2021. Holistic counseling is a facilitated dialogue that reveals core beliefs that have led to behaviors and physical conditions that no long support the person’s health. This gentle, non-invasive counseling empowers people to move beyond limiting beliefs, heal deeply, and live the life they want to live. Dana can combine holistic counseling with acupuncture to support health at the foundational level and help her patient’s move forward into living as their best self.

When this Virginia-born and raised transplanted Portlander is not treating patients, she is indulging in nature, self-care, painting, cuddling with her 15-year-old Bichon Tater, practicing yoga, or playing volleyball. 

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Insurance currently accepted: 

  • Providence, Regence BCBS Oregon, United Healthcare, Moda, Pacificsource