Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine treatment. It is the insertion of thin needles along acupuncture channels (where qi, or energy flows) but they can be applied anywhere on the body. There are many different styles an lineages of acupuncture. Each treatment is tailored to suit your unique needs to bring you relief from chronic or acute pain, or from whatever it is you're seeking relief. 

My main focus is always in the mental-emotional realm. It's important because our emotions so greatly impact how our body feels. You might have neck pain, but how is the emotional aspect impacting that? How's it impacted by stressors? Sessions include intake, pulse taking, and resting comfortably in bliss. Treatments may include moxibustion (the lighting of mugwort over certain points or body areas), tuning forks, or gentle bodywork, perhaps cupping or gua sha if your body is needing it.


Insurance is accepted (Regence BCBS, Pacificsource, Providence, Moda, Cigna, United Healthcare)

If paying out of pocket, a time of service discount is applied. Packages are available for at a further discounted rate. Additional discount available if you're self-employed.

New visits are 2 hours (in depth health intake and 50 minutes for treatment), $210. 

50-minute return visits $110

90-minute return visits $145

Want to learn more?  

Vis Dialogue Holistic Counseling

Are you ready for a different approach and understanding as to why you feel the way you feel? Ever wonder why you have a certain symptom or pain that returns or isn't resolving? Do you have a habit, negative self-talk, or behavior you've been trying to change or know you need to change but having difficulty? Do you generally feel like you're not living your best life?  From my perspective and experience, whether you're experiencing physical or emotional pain, holistic counseling is the way to get to the root cause of it all.  


Dr. Lockhart is certified in a holistic counseling technique called the Vis Dialogue. This Vis Dialogue is a life-changing way to address physical symptoms or conditions via the mind-emotion-body connection to bring about sustainable results that come deep from within you. Symptoms, whether low back pain or anxiety, are a signal that something within the self is out of balance. The symptoms are really a manifestation of our thought patterns, expressing through the body. Ever have a stressful event happen and then your shoulders tighten? It's that simple- the mind-emotion-body connection. During holistic counseling sessions, we will dive deeply to reveal a core belief you have about yourself upon which behaviors and symptoms are predicated. This is a journey- not a pill, not a band-aid. If you're interested to learn more and to see if this type of counseling is a good fit for you, schedule a free 15-minute consult. 


Packages, Add-ons, Classes


- 50 and 90-minute appointments available singularly or in packages of 5 or 10. 

50-minutes: pack of 5- $500, pack of 10- $950

90-minutes: pack of 5- $700, pack of 10- $1,350

ACUPUNCTURE w/ Singing Bowls- up your relaxation and stress relief ante by adding 15 minutes of singing bowls to elevate your treatment, and promotes deep relaxation of the nervous system. Singing bowl vibrations stimulate delta waves in the brain, these are the brain waves that are active during deep sleep. (Not covered by insurance). $25


MIND-EMOTION-BODY RESET BUNDLE: Are you ready to change your threshold to stress? Are you over how stress and life affects you? Ready to understand your thoughts, beliefs, conditions and how those are likely impacting most facets of your life? Me too. I want to help you discover your true nature, one that knows no condition. Let's go! Start your journey with me in this year-long program where you will receive Holistic counseling and acupuncture to address anxiety, overwhelm, tension, depression and so much more. (*There is a qualifying process to make sure this is a good fit). $3,725 OR two payments of $2,000. 

- 8 Holistic Counseling sessions

- Twenty 90-minute sessions combining acupuncture, singing bowls, and gentle shiatsu-style bodywork.  


- Sessions are over Zoom and can take anywhere from 75 to 120 minutes. Sessions are billed at $140/hour. Insurance is not accepted for this modality. Acupuncture is a wonderful accompaniment to getting your vitality energized and moving in the direction towards healing. 

- Package of 5: $1,010 paid up front, OR two payments of $510

Average 210 per visit x5= 1050

SINGING BOWLS, QI GONG SHAKING AND MEDITATION CLASSES: over Zoom and limited in-person options. $30 per class. SCHEDULE COMING JANUARY 2022!! STAY TUNED!